polyurethane catalysts
     silicone surfactants
     reactive diamines
     Silicone Series
     PU products
Product name
 Low viscosity prepolymer
 Prepolymer for polyurea spray,NCO content 13%
 Prepolymer for polyurea spray,NCO content 15%
 Prepolymer for polyurea spray,NCO content 16%
 Antiscorching agent for slabstock
 Carbondioxide suppressor for CASE applications
 Highly reactive, tailor-made color pastes
 UV-absorber to Prevent yellowing
 Propylenecarbonate; viscosity reducer for PU applications
 Various grades of Ethylenecarbonate, also as solution in water
 Phosphorus polyol-halogen free flame retardant
 Special polyol for enhanced pentane compatibility
 Special polyol for improved dimensional stability
 N-(Dimethylaminopropyl)tall oil amide - catalyst / flow improver
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